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The evil witch’s survival plan
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    反派魔女自救计划 / The Villainess's Survival Plan

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    Fantasy - Romance - Shoujo

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Hello! This is a remake for The Evil Sorceress Plans to Survive!.The daughter of a well-known family, Xiao Yao, died of a serious illness, upon awakening she discovered that she had become Abella, the evil sister of the heroine of “The Imperial Knight fell in love with me.” As a princess, she didn’t possess magic, and under her father’s repeated indulgence, her personality grew arrogant and stubborn. She causing quite a bit of trouble, in the end, for the throne, she kills her father and her sister, and ends up in ruin. Xiao Yao then decided to save people, but found that the development of the story seems to have some small changes…
Evil Sorceress’ Survival Strategy

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