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Mother Hunting
  • 4.3
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    친구 엄마 ; Friend's Mom ; Hunting Moms ; 朋友的妈妈 ; 朋友的媽媽

  • Author(s)

    Oum Onjom (온점)

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  • Genre(s)

    Drama - Psychological - Seinen - Pornographic

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Mother Hunting Content

“You want to eat it too? Married woman! I’ll tell you everything.” Sang-Hyeon, a lecturer at an academy at Mosolada. One day, the sound of a moan heard in an empty lecture room, Sanghyun discovers the scene of star instructor Junbeom’s secret attack on a married woman. In exchange for keeping her secret, she listens to a special lecture on the white-haired Baekjung married woman master…---- (

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Mother Hunting Chapter 89
Mother Hunting Chapter 90