Kiss De Fusaide, Bare Naide. Manga

Kiss De Fusaide, Bare Naide.
  • 4.1
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    Kiss de Fusaide, Barenaide. ; Kisu de Fusai de, Barenai de. ; キスでふさいで、バレないで。

  • Author(s)

    Fudono Fudou

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  • Genre(s)

    Josei - Romance - Smut

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Kiss De Fusaide, Bare Naide. Content

Batoto Scans :“You’re so turned on for someone trapped in this situation…"My sensitive spots are getting rubbed harshly over my shirt and a finger is slowly creeping inside of meHow can I suppress my voice so that we won’t get found out…!One night, Kaede was accidentally locked out in the corridor of her workplace. She’s helped by her unrequited love, Shioya, who happened to pass by. He then lets her stay overnight at his house. Surprised by Shioya's roommate, they hide in the closet. Kaede’s thrilled by how close his body is to her... At that moment, his lips touch her chest.

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