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I Am The Male Lead's Child
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    I Was Born as the Lead Characters' Child ; I'm the Main Character’s Child ; Nací como la hija de los protagonistas ; 주인공들의 아이로 태어났다

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    Ji Sodam Mito (Ii)

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    Drama - Fantasy - Romance - Webtoons - Manhwa

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One day, young Emiliette, who was bullied by her servants, suddenly recalls memories of her past life. She had been reincarnated into a book she had read in her previous life, as a child of the main characters.Three years after the ending of the novel, her mother died while giving birth to Emiliette, leaving her father unattended with only his daughter left.‘I can’t keep living like this!’After the news of my father’s return came out, I decided to change the situation, but: “Why is that thing in front of my eyes?”The first meeting I was looking forward to, ends with only a cold glare. ’…but I can’t give up!’1. Frequent encounters. “Hewwo Papa! Papa, where are you gwoing?”2. Attacking with presents. “Papa~ I’ll give you this. It’s a gift. Let’s be close friends from now on. I’ll come every day!”3. Compliments! “Ah! It’s so bright~ I can’t get close to Papa because he’s shining.”But something’s wrong. Even though he replies to everything I ask, his answers are:“The office.”“You’ve brought something useless again.”Yet you kept the useless thing. “…shut up.”He’s especially shy about compliments. Does he really hate me?

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