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Formless Form
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    Formless Form ; Da Xiang Wuxing ; Daxiang Wuxing ; DaXiangWuXing (Taoist) ; Taoist: Ghost Hunter ; 大象无形 ; 大象无形(大道无名) ; 대상무형: 운명을 삼킨 퇴마사

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    San Fan Xiong Fanqi Anime Zhao Xiayu Fan Qi Dongman

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    Action - Mystery - Webtoons - Manhua

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Formless Form Content

The hostess was possessed by a mysterious creature in a car accident, and woke up to another world full of demons. Just when she was puzzled, feared, and hopeless, a teenager appeared to save her. It was learned from his mouth that there had always been a demon spirit in this world. The creature inside her was a demon spirit named "Human". She could not take it out in a short time and was forced to live with the teenager. Then he embarked on the no return path to catch a demon

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