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Film Emperor's Reincarnation Script
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    Yingdi Chongsheng Juben, Film Emperor’s Reincarnation Script, 影帝重生剧本, Best Actors Life: Take-Two

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    Bing Mao Yuanyang Xin Yeyu

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    Comedy - Drama - Shounen - Shounen ai - Webtoons

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Film Emperor's Reincarnation Script Content

After crawling through the showbiz world for more than ten years, the film emperor Yuan Mu gained an excellent set of acting abilities, just not the right kind to save himself from being murdered.Heaven messed up then, probably, as he reincarnated in the body of a ‘young hunk’. The appearance of this ‘young hunk’ was about eighty percent similar to his former handsome self, fully satisfying his desire to look ten years younger.But the problem was——he reincarnated onto his nemesis’ bed! WTF?Now he gotta deal with the moody tycoon and his murderer. This ‘young hunk’ is tired man...But if it’s acting, no one’s gonna beat Yuan Mu. Life is a drama to act and revenge goes by the script. He’ll be in the shadows, baiting his enemies out there to fall for it. Looks like a pretty good start.Only one thing makes no sense. That tycoon-nemesis-dude.

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