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[I want to meet a baby who did a great job of reincarnation and regression. Would you like to live one more time?]
I, who was a game YouTuber in the first life,
became a very small baby princess in the third?
Wait a minute.
Did God tell you to be born into a good family?
Why are you the princess of the ruined imperial family?
That moment Tilong! A chat window appeared in front of me with the sound.
[ The list of people in the general channel is released.]
[Participants: 21 / Ted (Knight), Mia (Knight), Dave (Knight), Rotten (Wizard)… … 16 others]
[Ted: Whoa! Princess is cute! Break the tree! Break it!]
[Mia: If I stab the ball… … Just grab your finger! It’s blasphemy!]
[Dave: From now on, the abbreviation for cute is Chou!]
What is all this?
… … Well, I guess not everyone is crazy.
Still, it’s good that you like me, right?
[Berg: My nephew wants bread.]
[Berg: I want all the bakeries in the empire.]
In addition to that, the Northern Duke’s uncle who told me to go to the North if he wants.
I’ll give you a wink about what happened and try to live in peace.
Let’s suck honey and live this life!

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